• 1. Real estate opportunities
    The real estate market has lost 40% of its value since 2007 and has stabilized since 2014. Today, the attractive prices of the real estate market in Spain and the low interest rates offer great opportunities that allow Belgians, French, Luxembourgers and other nationalities to obtain attractive loans to purchase apartments or houses at an advantageous price. Take advantage of the opportunities in the Spanish real estate market today to find among a very varied offering an apartment or house in the sun and close to the sea!
  • 2. Advantageous taxation

    Following the tax reform of 2014, tax rates in real estate were revised downwards in 2015 and fell in 2016. A tax advantage which makes real estate investment all the more attractive thanks to a rate of tax on capital gains revised downwards in the event of resale and better profitability for rental investment. For non-residents the tax rate has increased from 24.75% in 2014 to 19.5% since July 2015 and will be 19% in 2016. A much more attractive tax rate than in France for example (between 25% and 41% according to the marginal tax brackets for earned income to which rental income must be added and taking into account social contributions). It’s time to get some great deals in Spain!

  • 3. A profitable investment

    Buy real estate in Spain such as an apartment on the Costa Blanca in the Alicante region very dynamic and ideally located on the seafront the sea, is an interesting investment. The airport is 2 hours from Belgium or the North of France by plane and there are a multitude of direct flight options including low-cost. The real estate market in Spain is very varied. It suits all budgets and adapts to all projects, whether to spend the holidays in a second home, to rent or to live there.

  • 4. A second residence for the holidays

    If you dream of buying a second residence abroad to spend pleasant and sunny holidays without going too far away, Spain is the destination for you.

    Spain again recorded a record in the tourism sector in 2017 for the fourth consecutive year, becoming the 2nd most visited country in the world with 82 million foreign visitors! 

    The unusual landscapes, the numerous historical sites, the spectacular nature reserves, the heavenly beaches of its coasts, all the ingredients come together to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Spain!

  • 5. A retreat in the sun

    To invest or live there, 2018 is a good year to buy real estate on the Costa Blanca (Alicante Region) or the Costa Del Sol (Andalusia, Malaga Region). These two coasts are very popular with Belgians in particular, many retirees move there to spend a peaceful retirement in the sun!

    Culture, gastronomy, climate, modern infrastructure and services, standard of living, cost of living and lifestyle are some of the reasons that will make you enjoy your retirement in Spain.


When purchasing real estate in Spain there are several steps to take and formalities to complete.

– NIE Spain: Spanish legislation makes it compulsory to obtain the NIE for all foreigners who want to buy an apartment or house in Spain. This document is necessary to sign the real estate purchase deed or to open a “non-resident” bank account. It takes an average of 10 days to receive your NIE IN SPAIN

– La Réserve (La Reserva): When you have found your property in Spain with Second Residence, you must then “block” the operation. To do this, we “reserve” the accommodation upon payment of a deposit (between 2000 and 6000 euros, depending on the builder and price of the desired property), which commits the seller not to offer the property. apartment to another buyer while waiting for the sales agreement.

– Verifications: Before finalizing a sale you must check that the documents are consistent with the property you wish to purchase in Spain.

We strongly recommend working with a lawyer(1% + VAT) who will take care of the following tasks:  securing the transaction, checking the planning documents, ten-year guarantee, verification that the property is free of mortgage or other debt, administrative procedures, opening of an account, NIE, opening of water and electricity meters and registration of the deed. We can recommend one of our French-speaking lawyers.

– The sales agreement: All the details of the transaction with a view to purchasing real estate in Spain as well as the essential clauses must be written on the promise of sale.

– The Deed of Sale before a Notary (La Escritura Pública): This is the authentic deed of purchase in Spain. The mysteries of administration are very different from ours, and we must especially not rely, as in Belgium or France, on the notary. In Spain, the function of the notary is most often limited to authenticating signatures, the seller/buyer financial settlement and the terms of the agreement. All other steps, upstream or downstream, are the responsibility of the buyer who is solely responsible for his purchase. You will need to present your NIE.


The acquisition of real estate in Spain entails the following costs (max 14% to be added to the sale price of the property)

VAT: It corresponds to 10% of the sale price to be expected for the signature before a notary. It concerns purchases of new properties

Registration fees: 1.5%

Lawyer: 1.21% VAT included (min. €1,200)

Additional costs: notary, register, tax stamps, etc.

Regarding the annual cost of your second residence, the following elements must be taken into account:

Property tax / Real estate withholding tax (IBI): €400 – €800 / year.

Non-Resident Tax(IRNR): For owners who do not reside in Spain, This tax is a fictitious income which represents 24.75% of 1.1% of the cadastral value. P

– Miscellaneous Tax Fees in Spain. As the owner of a property you must plan for certain costs such as home insurance (around €250/year for a 2-bedroom apartment), gas, water and electricity contracts, co-ownership charges and rental management fees.

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