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“Bring the person who has placed their trust in us towards the good they expect, towards the good which will change their life, then fade away...

Let her enjoy this magical moment, this suspended moment so that she can fully savor this happiness that she experiences intensely...

Seeing her turn around, a tear in her eye, a smile worthy of the dream that is coming true but that she has not yet realized..."

This is our greatest reward and the reason why I love this job!

I love this job which allows me to exercise my lifelong passion while making people happy. We create another life for them that they didn't imagine would be so magical.

The tools that allowed me to build great experience are a busy career in the financial world, my training as a real estate agent, an in-depth knowledge of the field of construction and special techniques. My reference values are correctness, respect, ethics and discretion. I can pride myself on having a certain flair for winning real estate investments.

If I mix all these ingredients, I obtain the recipe from the real estate consultant at your disposal to find the property in the sun that suits you.

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+ 37 years of experience in the banking field
+   Real estate agent graduate
+   Experience and knowledge of the construction sector, materials and new techniques contributing to sustainable development
+   Knowledge of the field of tax laws related to real estate
+   Expertise and valuation of real estate.
+   Ethics and correction.

jonathan brisy

+ 15 years of international experience
+   Marketing
+   Hotel industry
+   Sale
+   Public Relations
+   Vacation rental
+   Real estate

Jany Piette

+   Decorator for 32 years
+   Support in choosing your decoration

Jany Piette

+   Décoratrice depuis 32 ans
+   Accompagnement pour le choix de votre décoration

jonathan brisy

+   15 ans d’expérience internationale
+   Marketing
+   Hotellerie
+   Vente
+   Relations publiques
+   Location de vacances
+   Immobilier


+   37 ans d’expérience passés dans le domaine bancaire
+   Diplômé en agent immobilier
+   Expérience et connaissance du secteur de la construction, des matériaux et des nouvelles techniques contribuant au développement durable
+   Connaissance du domaine des lois fiscales liées à l’immobilier
+   Expertise et valorisation d’un bien immobilier.
+   Déontologie et correction.