Let’s embark on a culinary journey along the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida, two destinations in Spain where gastronomy becomes an art that reflects the cultural richness and freshness of the Mediterranean. Discover the unique flavors that make these coasts a gastronomic paradise.



La Tortilla de Patata: A classic that delights both coasts
Let’s start our gastronomic tour with the potato omelette, a Spanish classic that conquers all palates. On the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida, this delicacy is presented as a tribute to local potatoes and fresh eggs, creating a creamy texture and unrivaled flavor. Taste this culinary icon in cozy bars and restaurants in both regions.



Paella Valenciana: the iconic dish that connects the coasts
Valencian paella, an authentic jewel of Spanish gastronomy, unites the Costa Blanca and the Costa Cálida in a celebration of Mediterranean flavors. With high-quality rice, green beans, garrofó and chicken or rabbit, this paella captures the essence of sea and land. Live this unique experience on the sunny terraces facing the sea or in the traditional restaurants of both coasts.



Fresh seafood: treasures from the ocean that abound in both regions
Proximity to the sea gives the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida an abundance of fresh seafood that will delight the senses. From Dénia’s red shrimp to Alicante’s grilled squid, each region offers its unique interpretation of the ocean’s treasures. Dive into a feast of fresh marine flavors on both coasts.



Bay Rice: variety and flavor on both coasts
Discover the exquisite variety of rice on both coasts, from banda rice to black rice or fideuà. Each dish, prepared with local ingredients and Mediterranean seasonings, is an invitation to discover the multiple facets of the region’s rice-based cuisine.

Desserts that soften the palate: a touch of sweetness on both coasts
End your culinary experience on the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida with local treats. Jijona nougat or artisanal ice creams offer the perfect touch of sweetness to top off your Mediterranean feast.

The Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida coasts are not only destinations for sun and beach, but also for delighting the palate with a symphony of Mediterranean flavors. From potato omelette to Valencian paella to fresh seafood, every bite tells the story of a deep-rooted tradition and passion for good food. Immerse yourself in the unique gastronomic experience of these two coasts and discover why they are a paradise for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy your food!